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One Call Staffing, Inc. is a nurse owned and managed firm in New York specializing in the recruitment of Registered Nurses for hospital clients throughout the USA. Our Hospital clients are ready to sponsor qualified RN’s for staff positions within their organizations. We have opportunities for nurses in nearly every clinical area of practice, from the Hospital or Nursing Home patient care environment. Our team of experienced recruiters will work with you every step of the way to assist you in obtaining the necessary certifications needed for sponsorship to work in the USA. Look at what we can offer you:

  • Staff and management positions within prestigious healthcare facilities, throughout the USA.
  • Salaries ranging from $40,000.00 – $60,000.00 USD (based on the prevailing pay rate for the geographical area).
  • Personalized attention and assistance from our nurse managers and recruiters.
    Our nurses never pay us for our services!! Our in-house Immigration Attorney will process all INS and Visa applications, you pay NO FEES!!
  • Completion bonuses AND contract renewal Bonuses!!
  • In-house immigration attorney.
  • Once you are state-side, we will continue to work with you to ensure that you pass the NCLEX.
  • Our Hospital clients will allow you to work under a limited permit while preparing for the NCLEX.
  • Excellent housing accommodations available.
  • CGFNS certified RN’s can obtain immediate employment.
  • Non CGFNS certified RN’s, we will work closely with you in submitting the required applications and work with you to ensure that you pass the CGFNS and receive your certification.
  • Our Immigration Attorneys will also assist you in obtaining your change of status (green card).

If you are a Registered Nurse, with a minimum of 1 year clinical experience and a 4 year Nursing Degree, or a Diploma RN with a minimum of 10 years of clinical experience, we can help you match your dreams and goals with the needs of our Healthcare clients!