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Resume Writing Tips Introduction

Resume Writing Tips Introduction

Posted By on Dec 7, 2013

Your resume is a brief introduction of your skills, career experiences, abilities and education. I stress that brief is the operative word here. A resume is not an abbreviated Autobiography of your life in Education and the workplace. Your resume is a preview, if you will, of who you are and what you “have”. It is meant to “attract” the reader to read on, and ultimately to invite you to meet with them.It is my goal to provide you with the tools you need, along with examples and worksheets to assist you in creating a resume that will capture the readers’ attention, and get you that interview. After that, the rest is up to you.Most Hiring Managers spend only a moment or two “skimming” a resume, to determine whether or not the applicant has what they are seeking. Therefore, your resume should be structured in such a way that a glance will capture someone’s attention. Whether you are a new graduate, or a seasoned professional, the world of Nursing today offers a multitude of exciting career options and paths. May you find your passion and pursue it! I hope that this manual will assist you in defining and succinctly presenting your goals, attributes and skills! Getting Started Types of Resumes The Cover Letter The Objective Summary of Qualifications Education Career Summary or Experience Additional Categories A Final Checklist Information Gathering Worksheet (pdf) Sample Resumes (pdf) GETTING STARTED The first step is to gather the pertinent information; I have attached a work sheet that you may copy and follow to assist you in that process. Whether you are embarking on a new career or advancing up the career ladder, when you first start to put your resume together, it will be difficult to remember all of the pertinent facts, particularly if your career spans several years or more. However as you work on your resume, you will remember past accomplishments, especially when you are gearing your presentation for a specific position. back TYPES OF RESUMES This section will address the most frequently utilized types of resumes, their function and for which situations they are most appropriate. Most potential employers or personnel recruiters look at hundreds of applications and may spend literally just a few seconds scanning your resume to see if it indicates that you have the level of skill or experience they are looking for. For this reason, using the right resume can make the difference between obtaining an interview, or not. THE REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL RESUME This type of resume is most frequently used, and preferred by employers for most positions in Nursing and healthcare. It details the facts of your...

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